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With over 30 years of transportation industry experience, Calbina Group provides key services to transportation asset owners, investors, managers, lenders, port and government or private transportation infrastructure projects. This may include project analysis, origination, the build or buy/sell process, management, investment decision support and financing consultancy from project implementation until completion.



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Over 30 years in the transportation industry

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Calbina provides specialised transportation services, arranging and consulting to transactions involving infrastructure projects, ports, terminals, ships, containers, rail and commercial aircraft transactions

About Calbina Group

Our focus is simple: Containers, Ships, Ports and all related transportation equipment assets. Our global reach and transaction base covers Europe, North and South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania.

Calbina Group - Management of large infrastructure projects

With over 30 years of direct transportation industry experience, predominantly container related, Calbina Group has completed over 60 transportation industry transactions. Our global reach and transaction base covers Europe, North and South America, Central America and the Caribbean, Asia and Oceania.

Transactions involving these projects and asset types can be highly complex. It is our belief from experience that there is no single party that can provide all of the key services to such complex projects. Our extensive experience matched with our highly qualified 3rd party lenders, tax advisors, legal professionals, asset managers, manufacturers, constructors and technical experts, allows us to cover all aspects within a transportation transaction structure with a proven process.

Our mission is to continue to create successful infrastructure and investment projects in global transportation. We work together with our clients to achieve results in the most efficient way working internally and only with professionals from each field. Calbina contracts with the client only. Our success is measured by the success or completion of a project or transaction and Calbina typically remains involved in such projects or transactions throughout their economic life or until full completion.

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